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Lundazi (UK) Limited


Our original plan was to drive from the UK to Cape Town in time to arrive for Neil & Kath's wedding, but that was too much to do and we wouldn't have made it.  So, we decided to take a bit more time preparing and ship the car out to Cape Town and then spend 1 year driving back. 

The more we thought about it, it made perfect sense.  Start off by exploring all the countries we are really interested in in Southern Africa first and then, depending on time, money and political situation, drive up the west coast back to the UK.

So, the planned route is

South Africa → Mozambique → Tanzania → Kenya → Uganda → Tanzania → Malawi → Zambia → Botswana → Namibia → Angola → DRC → Congo → Gabon → Cameroon → Chad →Niger → Mali → Senegal → Mauritania → Morocco → Gibraltar → Spain → France → UK

We've met/heard of many people who have been travelling south down a similar route, but we are the first we know of going north, so we'll see how it goes...

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