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Tents & Shades

We decided to fit a roof tent to the front of the Land Rover, as they are easy to put up and down every day and it keeps you up off the ground (away from the insects, snakes and animals... in theory).  We haven't actually bought it yet as we are planning on buying one in Cape Town.  They all seem to be made in South Africa, and a lot cheaper than the UK, so it made sense.

We have also packed a normal ground tent, in case we want to set up camp, and also as a spare room for any friends or family that want to meet up with us on our travels.

Finally we are thinking of getting an awning for shade whenever we stop.

Update: Roof Tent and awning now bought and in constant use.  The awning is great for keeping the sun AND rain off whenever we stop.  Definitely worth spending the money on.  The roof tent is fantastic - easy to put up, nice mattress and sheets so no hassle with sleeping bags, water tight, and no chance of giant burrowing crickets making holes in the floor of it (see South Africa diary!!)

Camping Equipment

As we have a vehicle, it is quite easy to over pack on camping equipment.  We bought 6 sturdy Wolf storage boxes and filled then up with clothes, camping gear, food, walking gear, medical/toiletries, and other stuff.

We decided to take normal pots, pans, plates and mugs as they will last longer.  We will buy a camp stove in Cape Town.  At least that way we can make sure they have all the correct fittings for gas/fuel for Africa.  We have also brought a camping table and chairs and a box full of other camping equipment and food.  A list will be attached later of all our equipment, and what is useful or not.

Other Stuff

2 mountain bikes, various games, boule, baseball bat (doubles up as protection...), books, paper and paints, many CDs, laptop with a few DVDs, video camera, digital camera and binoculars.

Spare Parts/Tools

We took on a large set of spare parts and a tool chest of useful tools (and some gaffer tape!) as you never know what you might need.  I won't bore you with it here, but we'll eventually add another attachment containing the full list of parts taken (and used).